International Development Law and Technical Assistance

Kleeva Associated Advocates creates opportunity for talent to thrive through implementing  innovative solutions that generate value for our clients by leveraging the  legal -multidisciplinary knowledge of  our team. Kleeva has a team of experts with a long time commitment to development  which has  sharpened their talent  acquired through practice  of law and commitment to international development. Kleeva provides this expertise at national, regional and international level making our firm uniquely positioned not to only provide legal expertise but also technical assistance services in the framework of international projects sector .

Our team of multidisciplinary lawyers with both legal and development practice makes Kleeva uniquely positioned to address the current clients needs both in government and private entities including areas such as project and grant management expertise.

At Kleeva we believe we are uniquely positioned to transfer  knowledge and skills/  capacity of building  based on existing knowledge and best practices  to design tailored solutions for our clients responding to their specific needs.

We provide these experts at both short and long term placement with entities requiring legal multi- disciplinary teams. We manage are a pool for Ugandan experts in the following field and all  have both national and international experience relevant in today global world

We  have a team of legal multidisciplinary professional experts in our following priority areas; 

  • Project and grant management 
  • Governance and development
  • Gender and development 
  • Capacity Development  
  • Elections 
  • Gender and Social Inclusion  
  • Governance 
  • Livelihoods  
  • Youth development 
  • Political economy analysis
  •  Monitoring   and Evaluation
  • Civil society strengthening