Practice Areas

Areas of expertise of our lawyers

Our team of labor and employment experts overall has over 20 years’ experience in labor and employment matters in corporations, business, government and not for profit.

We   review, interpret and provide advice on many different aspects of labor and employment laws. We provide in-depth advice to our clients to ensure compliance and minimize disputes in the work place.

Our services include review contracts to assess compliance with Ugandan laws and international standards and enforceability,

 Support human resource management and development as well as risk management.

We offer advise different employment aspects namely redundancy, restructuring   mergers and acquisitions wage compliance, workplace, safety, rest, disability, workplace harassment, employee discrimination, and wrongful discharge, pension funds, redundancies & restructuring, workmen’s compensation.

We further advise on management services agreements; directors' remunerations; civil service employment contracts; pension schemes; National Social Security Fund contributions; income tax; and various the broad range of  employment related aspects  that accompany business and commercial transactions.

We also undertake legal audits and human resource audits using a multidisciplinary approach.